Impresoras de tarjetas plásticas Evolis - A3M

Impresoras de tarjetas plásticas Evolis - A3M


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home.gifWelcome to Impresoras de tarjetas plásticas Evolis - A3M

As a specialist in personal identification with plastic cards and badges, A3M presents a global offer that allows card creation, printing and personalization.

You will find in this website:

  1. Plastic card printers. A3M is distributor and gold partner of two of the most important plastic card printers worldwide, Evolis Card Printer ( France ) and Team Nisca ( United States ).
  2. Cardream3, one of the best software for card printing and personalization.
  3. Consumables for dye-sublimation plastic card printers, in particular the whole range of thermal transfer and dye-sublimation ribbons for monochrome and color printng, holograms and lamination.
  4. Card readers and card encoders for magnetic stripe cards, smartcards, Mifare and contactless cards. Our offer extends to the latest developments of manufacturers  like HID and ID-Tech.
  5. And...plastic cards, of course. White PVC cards of the highest quality, as well as white virgin cards with magstripe, smartcards and contacless cards. Our printing facility offers preprinted cards in serigraphy or offset, which can be personalized by the customer with an Evolis or a Nisca printer.


We hope the content of this informative website will help you in your plastic card projects. For more information about A3M, please visit our corporate website:

A3M tarjetas plásticas


Second hand products
A3M has permanent stock of second hand card printers and card readers. Please contact us to know the availability of the product you are looking for.
offset printed cards
Contact information

To contact A3M:

A3M Madrid
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28008 Madrid

Main office
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A3M France
Tlf. +331 64 25 73 12
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